Nautical Cotton Mirror 120×50 cm

Large rectangular mirror with 2 large and 4 smaller rows of natural cotton rope

Mirror size (cm): 120 x 50



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    Note: Please note that each mirror is handmade, so slight deviations in overall size (up to 5mm) are sometimes possible during production.

    Detailed information:
    Shape: rectangular
    Frame width: 6 cm
    Thickness: 2.5 cm
    Materials: natural cotton rope, mirror glass, refined (primed) MDF
    Color: natural color of cotton rope

    Packaging and delivery:
    Delivery is free in the territory of the Republic of Croatia (including the islands)

    We pack each mirror with great care to make it as safe as possible for transport. For packaging, we use custom-made reinforced hard 5-layer boxes. We send all packages by GLS delivery service. The mirror will arrive at your address within 1-2 days after sending.

    When using screws and dowels, always use those that are suitable for the type of wall in the home.

    If you want a personalized mirror – you can contact us and choose the size, shape, type and combination of rope yourself.