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The meaning of the terms specified in these general terms and conditions of sale and purchase

Seller Linderior doo for production, trade and services
Nikola Tesla 10
40323 Prelog
OIB: 21937564180
MBS: 070197987
MB: 05724929
Court of registration: Commercial Court in Varaždin
Owner: Sabina Gosarić – website owned by the Seller
Customer – any person who, after viewing the product or service, ordered the product or service.
User – any person who uses the “” website for the purpose of placing an order for products advertised on it or obtaining information about a particular product
Use of “” – access to the page in order to obtain information about its content and/or to place a product order
‍Products – all products that are highlighted on “”, and which can be ordered via the form.

general business terms
1. The general terms and conditions of business, that is, the conditions and rules of purchase, refer to the ordering and purchase of products published on the Linderior website, that is, the web domain owned by the Seller.
By using these websites, the User of the website / the Customer confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the General Business Terms and Conditions of Purchase. It is considered that the General Business Terms and Conditions of Purchase are fully accepted by the order. By using these Internet pages, the User confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use. The holder of all rights on the website is the company Linderior doo, the owner of which is Sabina Gosarić (hereinafter referred to as the Seller). The owner of the website is Linderior doo
2. The terms of use prescribe the conditions and rules for Users and refer to the use of the website By using the Website, Users declare that they agree with the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use and agree to use the Website in accordance with them. We advise users to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions before making a purchase, and to check them regularly in order to be familiar with all rights and obligations.
3. The right to use the website is the User’s personal right and cannot be transferred in any way to other natural or legal persons, nor is any user authorized to register other natural or legal persons.
4. It is not possible to make a purchase directly on the website, but it is necessary to contact the Seller (Linderior doo) via the contact form available on the page or by e-mail: info@linderior. com.
5. The product purchase agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the moment of receipt of the Buyer’s written confirmation of acceptance of the offer sent by the Seller or written confirmation of payment according to the proforma invoice sent by the Buyer.
6. The buyer can only be an adult and capable of doing business. Contracts can be concluded in the name and on behalf of minors and persons completely incapable of business by their legal representatives or guardians, and persons partially capable of business may conclude the contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. The Seller bears no responsibility for actions contrary to this provision.
7. The user is obliged to provide accurate, complete and valid personal data when filling out the registration form. Acting contrary to this, authorizes the Seller to deny such user access to or the realization of all or part of the services offered by
7. The user is aware of the fact that there are sometimes service interruptions or events that are beyond the control of Linderior doo and accepts that Linderior doo is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the transmission of information on the Internet. The User agrees and accepts that access to the Website may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable or disabled.
8. The company Linderior doo reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, if it deems it necessary, to cancel or change the content of the General Terms and Conditions, the range of products, the price of products or the content of the website Therefore, before each use of the website, Users are obliged to review the content of the General Terms and Conditions. The opposite action releases the Seller from any responsibility. The aforementioned changes come into force upon publication at
9. The use of this website is the sole responsibility of the User. The seller is released from any responsibility for damage that may have occurred when visiting the website as a result of illegal actions by third parties, computer viruses, interruption in the communication line, unauthorized access, inappropriate behavior, negligence and the like, and other cases for which it is not responsible Seller. The seller is released from any responsibility in the event of circumstances that prevent the use of the website. The terms of this chapter refer to the entire content of the website
10. All contents posted on the website are posted to facilitate the customer’s choice when shopping. We are not responsible for unintentional errors.
11. Linderior doo places all materials, photos and text on the website in good faith to make it easier for the customer to choose when shopping. The seller does not guarantee that the photos of the product fully correspond to the appearance of the product itself. We are not responsible for possible unintentional errors in the product description. There may be minimal differences between the actual product and the product photo and the product described on these pages, if the manufacturer changes any of the product’s characteristics. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.
12. The Law on Consumer Protection (OG 41/14, 110/15) applies to business conditions.
13. Information about the Seller:
Seller’s headquarters: The company Linderior doo for production, trade and services
Nikola Tesla 10
40323 Prelog
Geographical address of business:
Linderior doo for production, trade and services, Mlinska 12, 40320 Donji Kraljevec e-mail:
Owner: Sabina Gosarić

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank dd, Zagreb

OIB: 21937564180,
MB: 070197987

Conditions and rules of sale and purchase
You can save the terms of sale on your computer or print them by clicking the “print” icon in your browser. If you do not agree to these Terms of Sale, please do not use this site. Please note that we reserve the right to modify the Terms of Sale and that you should review them periodically. If any change to the Terms of Sale is unacceptable to you, you should stop using these pages. If you do continue to use this site, you will be deemed to have accepted any changes. These Terms of Sale determine the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering and complaining about the products offered on these pages.
14. Ordering.
Products are ordered by contacting the Seller directly at It is necessary to fill in and send the information via the contact form available on the page or to the e-mail After we receive your inquiry, we will send you a proforma invoice with an offer and payment information to the provided contact e-mail. The product is considered ordered at the moment when we receive the payment according to the sent offer or proforma invoice to the transaction account. If we are unable to fulfill the order after payment is accepted, we will refund the money and terminate the contract. The seller undertakes to deliver all ordered products within a maximum of 10 working days and reserves the right to refuse any Order without the obligation to provide an explanation. The seller reserves the right not to deliver the order if there is suspicion of misuse.
15. Acceptance of the Terms of Sale.
In order to successfully send an order, it is necessary to check the “box” confirming that you are familiar with the Terms of Sale listed on the website and that you accept them. If you do not accept the Terms of Sale, the system will not allow you to successfully send the order.
16. E-mail order confirmation.
Notification of a successfully executed order, together with the Seller’s offer or proforma invoice, will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your order (Order Confirmation). At the moment of acceptance of the Offer, the Agreement is considered concluded. The Seller’s offer will contain details of your order, price and estimated delivery time for the order. It is your responsibility to contact us and let us know if there is an error in your order as soon as possible. If you do not do this, you accept that the incorrect order will be sent to your address. The order confirmation is generated by the Seller and forwarded to the customer at the time of order completion.
17. Payment.
All prices are expressed in euros (EUR) and kuna (HRK). Fixed exchange rate conversion is 1 EUR = 7.53450 HRK. The prices are primarily expressed in euros, and the display of prices in kuna can be selected by pressing the “Select currency” button. Items are delivered at prices valid on the day of ordering. Linderior doo (Seller) reserves the right to change the price of any product at any time.
18. Methods of payment.
The buyer undertakes to pay the ordered items to the seller: by payment of funds to the transaction account (internet banking or general money order).
All payments are made in euros.
19. Estimate / bill.
The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after receiving the order. The invoice will be delivered to you immediately after receiving the buyer’s payment made according to the seller’s offer or proforma invoice. You can print the invoice or save it on your computer. For all questions regarding invoices / pre-invoices, as well as for issuing R1 invoices – please contact us at
20. Procedure for issuing R1 invoices.
If you want an R1 account, you must emphasize this during the purchase (in the Note field) or by sending a message to In the message, you should provide us with the following information: company name, company address and OIB. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you a R1 invoice to your e-mail.
21. Delivery.
The place for delivery of your products will be the place specified in your order. Products delivered in the territory of the Republic of Croatia are delivered by the trading company GLS Croatia doo
The seller reserves the right to send the shipment by any other delivery service, if he considers that it is necessary at a particular moment to fulfill the terms of the contract, i.e. to deliver the product to the customer.
22. Delivery price.
Delivery is free for all mirrors up to 90 x 90 cm, or 120 x 50 cm if the mirror is rectangular.
We deliver all large mirrors (up to 200 cm) free of charge in the area of ​​Čakovec, Varaždin, Zagreb and the surrounding area, while for the rest of Croatia, delivery must be arranged individually at a surcharge.
23. Packaging of goods.
The products will be packed and protected so that they cannot be damaged by normal handling during transport. The buyer is obliged to collect the shipment and inspect it in front of the delivery person, all in order to avoid subsequent complaints due to the possibility of damage to the shipment during delivery, and immediately report them to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, or refuse to accept the shipment with visible external damage. When taking over the goods, the buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note and to indicate all remarks related to the delivery (damage to the packaging, shortage, etc.) on the delivery note, and then hand it over to the delivery person, who will take it as a confirmation of delivery / collection.
24. Delivery process.
After the Seller hands over your package to the delivery service, you will receive an e-mail confirmation in which your shipment number will be available to you, as well as a change in the status of the shipment (eg change of delivery address, change of delivery date, etc.). If you are not at the place of delivery indicated in the order, the delivery person will contact you later or leave a Notification of the arrival of the shipment with the specified contact, so that you can agree on the next delivery date. In the event that you fail to pick up the order and the package is returned to us as the sender, the Seller will contact you to redeliver the product at your expense.
25. Delivery deadline.
The delivery time is 4-10 working days, and it starts from the moment the order is received. However, the period required for production or delivery may vary, and the delivery time specified on the pages and in the order confirmation is only indicative. We will use reasonable endeavors to deliver the goods within the time specified, but accept no liability if the order is not delivered within the time specified.
26. Return/Complaint.
The buyer is obliged to inspect the purchased product or products when receiving the shipment. If the product or packaging has a material defect, the customer can refuse to receive the shipment. The same rule applies to checking the contents of the package (whether the delivered goods fully correspond to the ordered goods).
In the case of a complaint about a defect that could not be detected when taking over the goods, it is necessary to send the complaint via e-mail: or in writing to the Seller’s address, in accordance with legal conditions and deadlines.
27. Conditions for returning unused goods (right to unilateral termination of the contract)
1. You have the right within 15 days from the day of delivery of the product purchased at a distance to unilaterally terminate the contract without giving a reason.
2. In order to be able to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, please notify us of your decision to unilaterally terminate the Agreement before the end of the term by an unequivocal statement sent by e-mail to:, in which you will state the name and surname of the person to whom reads the order, contact phone number, order number, and the account number to which the money needs to be returned, and you can also use the form for unilateral termination of the contract.
3. The deadline for unilateral termination is 15 days from the date of conclusion of the contract, i.e. from the day when the goods that are the subject of the contract are handed over to the consumer.
4. We return the goods entirely at our own expense with our delivery service.
5. The deadline for returning goods from the moment of termination of the contract is 14 working days, unless otherwise agreed orally. We will contact you the day before collection to inform you about the approximate date.
6. The refund is made exclusively to the client’s bank account in the name of returning the goods. All other types of paid services are non-refundable (delivery of goods to a certain floor, help with arranging furniture, etc.). Refunds of money and goods are made exclusively in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia. We refund the money within 10 days from the moment of termination of the contract.
7. The customer is obliged to return the undamaged product, in the original packaging, to the address specified on the shipment with prior notice to the e-mail:
Instructions for filing a complaint
Pursuant to Article 10. of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/2014), you can send a complaint by e-mail to: or in writing to: Linderior doo za produktion, tradvo i usluge, Nikole Tesla 10, 40323 Prelog.
In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, we will respond to your complaint in the same way in which the complaint was sent to us, within 15 days of receiving the complaint. Otherwise, the Buyer can contact the State Inspectorate or the Consumer Protection Association.
28. Quality guarantee.
The seller does everything to ensure that every product he delivers is correct and error-free. We pay special attention to the production and packaging of products, so that the customer is completely satisfied with them. If we do make a mistake during the production or packaging of the product, we guarantee that we will correct the mistake in the shortest possible time and completely at our own expense.

Information about the Seller:

Linderior doo for production, trade and services
Nikola Tesla 10
40323 Prelog

Separate address for production:
Linderior doo for production, trade and services,
Mlinska 12, 40320 Donji Kraljevec

OIB: 21937564180
MBS: 070197987
MB: 05724929
Court of registration: Commercial Court in Varaždin
Basic capital: EUR 2,500.00 paid in full

Phone: 098/1390-248
Owner: Sabina Gosarić

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank dd, (bank address: Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia)
IBAN: HR9024020061101143669