You can order products by contacting us directly – via the form on the Contact page. Write which mirror you want, delivery address and contact number.
After we receive the inquiry, we will send a proforma invoice with the offer and payment information to your e-mail. The payment must be made via our giro method at any moment from the order to the delivery itself, so after the order itself it is not necessary to pay in advance, unless it is a question of larger quantities.

Under the influence of the mirror

– type of rope (linen, cotton, jute, combination of jute and cotton)
– rope diameter (5, 6, 10, 18, 20, 40 mm)
– rope row (1, 2, 3, 4 ..)
– mirror shape (round, oval, square, asymmetrical)
– mirror dimension (up to 180 cm)
– mirror color – classic, blue, bronze

Naked asymmetric mirrors
You can choose:
– the size
– shape (if we don’t have the desired shape in the offer, send us a sketch or a photo of the asymmetric mirror you want)
-color (classic, blue, bronze)

Octa mirrors
You can choose:
– the size
– the color of the mirror
– frame between 4 colors (black, gold, silver, matte combination of gold and silver)

You can choose:
– Any size from 18 – 80 cm
– Coverage and side of the moon pattern on the mirror

You can cancel the order electronically – via the contact form on the website www.linderior.com or by e-mail to info@linderior.com.
Since we start making mirrors in a very short period of time after receiving the order and we pride ourselves on the speed of delivery, we ask that you cancel the order as soon as possible.
If you have already paid the money for the order to the transaction account, we will return the money to the account from which the payment was made within 3 working days from the day of cancellation of the order.


Delivery is free for all mirrors up to 90 x 90 cm, or 120 x 50 cm if the mirror is rectangular.
We deliver all large mirrors (up to 200 cm) free of charge in the area of ​​Čakovec, Varaždin, Zagreb and the surrounding area, while for the rest of Croatia, delivery must be arranged individually at a surcharge.

We regularly ship Linderior mirrors throughout Croatia, the European Union and the United States of America.

Depending on the crowd, however, we need about a week to make the mirror (depending on the model – if it is in a hurry, it can be finished within 48 hours).
Delivery time is 24 hours from sending on a working day.

We send the package to the address we receive via the contact form on the www.linderior.com website or via e-mail.

Yes, the buyer is obliged to collect the shipment and inspect it in front of the delivery person, all in order to avoid subsequent complaints due to the possibility of damage to the shipment during delivery, and to report them immediately to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, or to refuse to take delivery of a shipment with visible external damage, and notify us about the failed delivery by e-mail: info@linderior.com.

If you are unable to open the package in front of the delivery person, you can do so later and you must inform us within 24 hours by e-mail: info@linderior.com if the mirror arrived damaged. After that, we cannot accept subsequent complaints regarding damage to the mirror.

All our packages are delivered by General Logistics Systems Croatia doo (GLS). You can track the delivery status via the GLS Tracking application.

Payment and return of goods

You can pay for Linderior mirrors by making a payment to the transaction account specified in the invoice (Internet banking or general money order).

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept these payment methods.

Complaints and returns

The buyer is obliged to open and inspect the purchased product or products in front of the delivery person when receiving the shipment. If the product or packaging has a material defect, the buyer should refuse to receive the shipment. The same rule applies to checking the contents of the package (whether the delivered goods fully correspond to the ordered goods).

In the case of a complaint about a defect that could not be detected when taking over the goods, it is necessary to send the complaint via e-mail: info@linderior.com or in writing to the address: Linderior doo, Nikole Tesla 10, 40323 Prelog, in accordance with legal conditions and deadlines.

Complaints are possible within 15 days from the day of delivery of the goods. The seller (Linderior doo) will refund the money to the buyer only after the product is returned, that is, after the buyer provides proof of sending the goods back. The buyer must return the goods without delay, and no later than within 14 days from when he informed the seller of his decision to return the product. The buyer is obliged to return the undamaged product, in the original packaging, to the address indicated on the shipment with prior notice to e-mail:.

info@linderior.com. In this case, the buyer undertakes to return the product at his own expense and in its original condition (all parts of the package and product are numbered.

Quality guarantee

We do everything to ensure that every product we deliver is correct and error-free. We pay special attention to the production and packaging of products, so that the customer is completely satisfied with them. If we do make a mistake during the production or packaging of the product, we guarantee that we will correct the mistake in the shortest possible time and completely at our own expense.